We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an, in order that ye may learn wisdom (Sura Yusuf, 2).
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Learn Koran Online Pricing Plan

Class Time

Each class consists of a 28 minutes period with no break and a 2 minutes evaluation period time. Thus a class will total half an hour. There are no fractions of a class.

Learn Koran Online Pricing Plan
Number Of ClassesFee Per Class (USD)Validity Period (Days)

Special introductory price of for each 30 minutes class.

Sample Monthly Package:
Days Per WeekDuration in MinutesClasses Per MonthMonthly Fee (USD)
33012USD 42.00
53020USD 70.00
63024USD 84.00
Sat-Sun308USD 28.00

To see your cost, enter your desired number of Quran classes here:
Click the image to see rates in your own currency.
(Currency rates other than USD are for reference purposes only.
Actual rates charged by your bank may vary.)
  Learn Koran Online Pricing Plan


There is no requirement to purchase a minimum number of Al-Quran classes. However, the greater the number of Quran classes purchased, the lower the price. Multiple class purchases are a great way for families with more than one child to take advantage of lower prices.

Families wishing to take advantage of this offer should register their children under the same parent account, but with individual email accounts for their children. This will ensure that all children records will be kept separately under one parent account for easy learning.

Validity period

Quran and Noorani classes must be used in the period corresponding to the number of Quran classes purchased. There are no credits or refunds after the expiration of the validity period. Once the validity period is over and the class has not been used and Learn Koran Online has not been notified, the class will have no value.

Refund of unused class

Customers can ask for a complete refund of any unused Qur’an or Noorani class at the price charged before the expiration of the validity period. Customer has to notify Learn Koran Online in writing to refund@LearnKoranOnline.com with their request. Learn Koran Online will gladly refund the unused amount of your classes. Refunds will be sent via check to the address that we have on record. Please allow 4 weeks for processing of refund checks. You can also call (US Toll Free) to talk to our customer representative if you have not received your check within this period. You can also reschedule unused classes as long as the request is made before the expiry of the classes. 


We guarantee complete satisfaction and you do not have to pay for any class that you are not completely satisfied with. This guarantee is only applicable to our products and does not cover the quality of your internet connection. All you have to do is inform Learn Koran Online by email in writing to refund@LearnKoranOnline.com after the class and prior to taking the next class. As such only one class can be treated as unsatisfactory. A customer has 2 options if they are unsatisfied with the quality of the class. They can either ask Learn Koran Online for another class free of charge or ask for a cash refund of the class.

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  Last Updated: Fri, Feb 12, 2016

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